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Intelligent control array electronic belt scale
  • Product name:Intelligent control array electronic belt scale
  • Product number:
  • Usage accuracy:Long term use accuracy better than ± 0.2%
  • Product Overview:Intelligent control array belt scale with high precision, self calibration, and maintenance free
  • Intelligent control array belt scale with high accuracy 2. Self calibration 3. Maintenance free 4. High durability 5. Intelligence 6. Networking
  • Details
、 Technical characteristics of array electronic belt scale:

The fully intelligent high-precision belt scale adopts advanced artificial intelligence weighing technology, equipped with customized ultra-high sensitivity sensors and artificial intelligence weighing controllers, with a usage accuracy of up to 0.2% and a stability period of over 6 months. Its unique matrix automatic verification system is equipped with functions such as independent AD detection, fault diagnosis, and out of tolerance elimination for each sensor, ensuring long-term high-precision and stable operation of the belt scale. The automatic code hanging verification device completes automatic verification. It truly achieves high-precision, self calibration, and maintenance free, thereby ensuring the accurate measurement of the belt scale.

Technical principles:

No matter the matrix scale is in the no-load or loaded state, as long as the intelligent matrix instrument judges that individual weighing units of the system are out of tolerance, it can automatically conduct real-time automatic mutual calibration. The internal intelligent data model of the instrument will lift the electric weight device of the matrix scale unit at intervals, and automatically correct the instantaneous amount and Cumulant of the rated weight, so that the matrix scale system will always maintain a stable operation in a high-precision state, truly achieving the maintenance free matrix scale, Fully automatic self inspection and high-precision operation without manual interference.

2、 Array electronic belt scale system
Principle of Intelligent Control Matrix Belt Scale

Eight to thirty-two sets of modular scale bodies can be verified for mutual redundancy, and matrix modular scale bodies can all adopt electric automatic code hanging verification without the need for manual work. Modular scales can be used in sequence intervals, and combined with matrix intelligent weighing instruments, they are divided into two sets of scales within the system.

Among the eight to thirty-two modular scales, n/2+1 groups (with high serial numbers) are equipped with electric takeoff and landing devices to achieve online verification of dual scales within the system, automatic correction of system accuracy, self judgment of accuracy status, and self correction.

3、 Intelligent Matrix Instrument for Array Electronic Belt Scale

8-32 independent AD digital inputs, real-time monitoring of each AD, not simply averaging, but processing through the PEL intelligent data model system;

Automatically shield the out of tolerance Matrix unit, give an alarm to the matrix scale group that finds problems, and automatically shield the faulty weighing sensor signal to realize continuous high-precision weighing;

The weighing instrument has advanced and unique 32-bit A/D conversion technology, which has high accuracy, fast speed, low temperature drift, and long-term stability and reliability;

The movable P-Module chip card stores calibration data, stores data, and after replacing the spare instrument, directly inserts a new table without the need for recalibration;

220VAC power supply, high integrated circuit, strong electromagnetic shielding and anti-interference ability;

The intelligent instrument system will perform cloud processing on each calibration data and the data generated during use, and self track and correct it.

High definition color touch screen display, in both Chinese and English

Relative humidity: up to 95%, without condensation.

Accuracy: The error between -40 ℃ and+50 ℃ is within 0.012% of the weighing sensor range.

Linearity: better than 0.01% of net weight, with 120% input from no load to full load

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