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Xuzhou EACCOR Electric is looking for talented individuals with generous benefits. We welcome ambitious individuals to join us
Xuzhou ECCOR Electric Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock Sino foreign cooperative enterprise specializing in design, manufacturing, sales, and service. The company specializes in the development, design, and manufacturing of industrial automation weighing, testing, and conveying equipment. The company is located in the capital of industrial weighing instruments in China& Flash; Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, is a technology enterprise. The company has a number of skilled, experienced and high-quality professional teams. Enterprises attach great importance to talent development. Due to the continuous development and growth of the company's scale, we are now recruiting the following personnel to the society


Director of Human Resources
1 person, Salary negotiable, No gender limit, Under 40 years old

(1) Bachelor's degree or above, with at least two years of work experience in human resources management or business administration related fields
(2) Familiar with the operational procedures of human resource management practices
(3) Familiar with human resource recruitment, salary, performance evaluation, training and other regulations and processes, and familiar with various national labor and personnel regulations and policies
(4) Having advanced human resource management concepts and methods
(5) Familiar with office software and human resource management software
(6) Strong language expression ability, interpersonal communication ability, adaptability, communication ability and problem solving ability, affinity, strong sense of responsibility and professionalism

Design engineer
2 people, Salary negotiable, man, 25-40 years old

(1) Bachelor's degree or above, major in mechanical engineering, with at least one year of relevant work experience
(2) Independently design drawings based on technical indicators and standards
(3) Proficient in using Aotocad and other related design software

Production management personnel
4 people, Salary negotiable, man, 25-40 years old

(1) College degree or above, with at least one year of relevant work experience
(2) Has good management skills and good execution ability for superiors' work
(3) Effectively controlling production costs, coordinating production arrangements, and ensuring production efficiency
(4) Strong communication skills and teamwork spirit

Service engineer
6 people, Salary negotiable, man, 20-35 years old

(1) College degree or above, major in mechanical engineering, with at least one year of experience in after-sales service and installation
(2) Familiar with the company's products, and those who have worked in the weighing industry are preferred.
(3) Able to endure hardship, maintain good health, and be able to travel for long periods of time< Br/> (4) Enthusiastic in customer service, meticulous in work, with a good sense of service.

Procurement personnel
2 people, Salary negotiable, man, 20-35 years old

(1) I have been engaged in procurement and have at least one year of relevant work experience
(2) Responsible for company item procurement tasks and compiling procurement plans
(3) Strictly implement approval procedures and financial systems
(4) High quality and personal cultivation

PCB solder welder
2 people, Salary negotiable, 20-35 years old

(1) Graduated from a vocational school or technical school with at least one year of relevant work experience (2) Proficient in circuit board welding, wiring production, and panel installation
(3) Able to endure hardships and work hard, and obey tasks assigned by superiors

If you are sincere,
If you are passionate,
If you are skilled,
If you are good at communication,
If you have extensive experience,
If you have lofty aspirations,
Please contact us, a new platform full of power and trust will open up for you
We look forward to people with lofty ideals joining us to create a brilliant career together, fulfill our great aspirations in life, and achieve a great corporate team
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