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The technology innovation and research center of Xuzhou EACCOR Electric Co., Ltd. is the core of the company's technology system. The research and development team jointly established with New Zealand EMC has an international vision and a global operation elite model. It is responsible for the maintenance, construction, innovation and management of the enterprise's technology system. Its main functions include: technology and product planning, Product development and approved product improvement, technology management, technology research, standardization, process tooling tools Archives management, services, and training, the Technology Innovation and Research Center adheres to being close to the market externally, penetrates production internally, and fully strengthens the platform role of the technical system.

The Technology Innovation and Research Center has nearly 50 scientific research personnel, integrating subject leaders, experts, engineers, and assistants. It has established a development channel from designers to chief designers, and a reward and punishment mechanism for performance evaluation, elimination, and retraining. The entire center has a clear hierarchy, reasonable structure, vitality, and smooth development.

In order to further improve the quality of product development and design, the Technology Center has introduced and popularized Computer-aided design, process and technology management means such as AUTOCAD, Pro/e 3D design platform, ANSYS structural finite element analysis, PDM/CAPP, etc. in product design to shorten the cycle of Product development, quickly grasp the market, and vigorously improve product design quality. Build a belt scale scale testing platform with a provincial-level testing center, including a belt scale dynamic detector, sensor static detector, instrument quantification oven, level meter, pressure tester, digital instrument, dual trace oscilloscope, amplification detector, roller resistance tester, roller runout test bench, noise detector, flaw detector, testing and analysis software model system, etc., and make the products detailed in invisible places, Ensure high quality standards are achieved.

Focusing on the company's beautiful future and adhering to the company's business philosophy, the Technology Development Center will increase the integration of internal and external resources, improve the overall quality of all staff, rely on international resources, further increase cooperation with research institutes of universities such as China University of Mining and Technology, continuously strengthen competitiveness, and strive to build an innovation system that runs through production and market.