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Service Purpose:

1. Serving customers is the reason for EACCOR's existence, and customer needs are the driving force for EACCOR's development
2. Good quality, good service, low operating costs, prioritize meeting customer needs, and enhance customer competitiveness
3. Enterprises should develop together with customers, improve competitiveness, and achieve benefits together
Service Spirit: Safe, Professional, and Efficient
Service philosophy: Adhering to creating value for users is our value

AS Service Center

EACCOR provides customers with high-quality technical support and efficient on-site solutions through its unique integrated service model
Every after-sales engineer is an expert, a shining business card of EACCOR, and a hero in making the brand flag fly
EACCOR promises to confirm the on-site situation within 1 hour after receiving customer service notification, provide problem solutions within 2 hours, and dispatch technical personnel within 24 hours if on-site service is required.


Responsibilities of on-site service personnel

1. The tasks of on-site service personnel mainly include equipment expediting, unpacking inspection of goods, handling equipment quality issues, guiding installation and debugging, participating in trial operation and performance acceptance tests
2. The on-site service personnel are authorized by the company to handle all technical and business issues that arise on site. If quality problems occur on site, on-site personnel should handle and solve them within the time specified by the user. If the user entrusts EACCOR for handling, the on-site service personnel shall issue a power of attorney and bear corresponding economic responsibilities
3. The normal movement and replacement of on-site service personnel should be negotiated with the buyer in advance
4. Training
4.1 In order to ensure the normal installation, debugging, operation, maintenance, and repair of the contract equipment, EACCOR provides corresponding technical training. EACCOR is responsible for developing training plans for user personnel in operation, maintenance, and testing. The training time shall be submitted by the user within one month after the contract takes effect and shall be approved by EACCOR. The training content should be consistent with the project progress
4.2 EACCOR designates specialized personnel to implement the training plan, responsible for guiding students to correctly understand the design intent, understand the characteristics and characteristics of the equipment, and master comprehensive knowledge of the rules to be followed in operation, maintenance, and management
4.3 Training Plan and Content

Serial Number Content Planned Days Composition of training teachers Location Number of people
1 Equipment principle, characteristics, standards, etc Agreed by both parties Engineer Agreed by both parties Agreed by both parties
2 Equipment maintenance and common fault handling Agreed by both parties Engineer Agreed by both parties Agreed by both parties
3 Training on on-site operation and maintenance knowledge Agreed by both parties Engineer Agreed by both parties Agreed by both parties

The specific content of the training, including the time, number of people, and location, shall be mutually agreed upon by EACCOR and the user
4.5 EACCOR provides equipment, venue, materials and other training conditions for user training personnel, as well as convenient accommodation and transportation
5. Installation and commissioning guidance
According to user requirements, EACCOR promptly arrives on site to guide equipment installation work and assist in equipment debugging
6. After sales service
6.1 The shelf life of the equipment is 12 months after production or 18 months after arrival, whichever comes first
During the installation, debugging, and warranty period, if the equipment is damaged or cannot be used normally due to quality issues, the seller shall repair or replace it free of charge
6.3 If the equipment malfunctions during trial operation and operation, EACCOR guarantees to arrive at the site within 48 hours after receiving the notification and handle it
6.4 After the shelf life, EACCOR will provide long-term paid and preferential supply of spare parts
6.5 If there are other agreements, they shall be executed according to the agreement of both parties.