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High precision electronic belt scale
  • Product name:High precision electronic belt scale
  • Product number:B159
  • Usage accuracy:±0.2%
  • Product Overview:High precision intelligent control matrix belt scale and automatic calibration device High precision, self calibration, maintenance free
  • 1. High precision 2. Self calibration 3. Maintenance-free 4. High durability 5. Intelligence 6. Networking
  • Details
1、 Overview of high-precision electronic belt scale technology:

The high-precision fully intelligent matrix electronic belt scale produced by Yike High Precision Electronic Belt Scale adopts advanced artificial intelligence weighing technology, matched with specific ultra-high sensitivity sensors and artificial intelligence weighing controllers (using multiple sets of AD matrix arrangement, weighing accuracy up to ± 0.2%, stability verification cycle of more than 6 months, can achieve worry free operation)! Equipped with a unique intelligent calibration system, each sensor has independent AD detection, fault alarm, and out of tolerance removal functions, ensuring that the belt scale maintains long-term high-precision and high stability operation. The automatic code hanging verification device is installed on the main scale body of the electronic belt scale, with a proprietary structure that meets the simulation of the gravity state of the transported material. It automatically completes the full state verification of the belt scale, using the SEQ-AI intelligent algorithm and matrix control tracking and review technology. It automatically completes monitoring, verification and correction during operation and use.

The ECO fully intelligent matrix scale achieves high stability and precision while truly solving two fundamental problems of belt scales: 1) knowing when the scale fluctuates; 2. Real time online automatic correction of accuracy.

2、 Technical principle of high-precision electronic belt scale:

No matter the matrix scale is in the no-load or loaded state, as long as the intelligent matrix instrument judges that individual weighing units of the system are out of tolerance, it can automatically conduct real-time automatic mutual calibration. The internal intelligent data model of the instrument will lift the electric weight device of the matrix scale unit at intervals, and automatically correct the instantaneous amount and Cumulant of the rated weight, so that the matrix scale system will always maintain a stable operation in a high-precision state, truly achieving the maintenance free matrix scale, Fully automatic self inspection and high-precision operation without manual interference.
3、 Technical characteristics of high-precision electronic belt scale:

Product name: Fully intelligent high-precision electronic belt scale

Listing time: 2018-12-02 17:41:25

Minimum flow rate: 15t/h

Maximum flow rate: 12000 t/h

Usage accuracy: ± 0.2%

Calibration accuracy: ± 0.1%

Matrix unit: ≥ 8

Verification method: automatic verification

Display method: color screen

Instrument form: intelligent matrix controller

Stability period:>3 months

Speed measurement method: upper mounted speed measurement

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