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EACCOR's project at Wuhu Xinxing Cast Pipe Co., Ltd. has achieved high-precision commercial settlement requirements

Time:1/26/2024  From:EACCOR Electric

The high-precision intelligent control matrix belt scale has achieved high-precision commercial settlement requirements at the project site of Wuhu Xinxing Cast Pipe Co., Ltd., winning praise from customers      


Wuhu Xinxing Cast Pipe Co., Ltd. is currently a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xinxing Cast Pipe Co., Ltd. (securities code 000778), and is a large state-owned enterprise under the supervision of the State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council& Flash; Xinxing Jihua Group Co., Ltd

Wuhu Xinxing Cast Pipe Co., Ltd. Yangtze River Port has a relatively high requirement for the accuracy of unloading trade settlement. In the past, there were large errors and high costs in using water gauge settlement. We are currently using Xuzhou Yike high-precision intelligent control matrix belt scale to achieve 0.2% high-precision trade measurement

Xuzhou Yike high-precision intelligent control matrix belt scale completed three physical verifications under extreme deviation, intermittent material flow, and ultra-low flow conditions at the Wuhu Xinxing Cast Pipe Project site. Each time, the cumulative weight accuracy reached the 0.2 level belt scale verification standard, meeting the high-precision requirements of commercial settlement and winning customer praise

In this physical verification process, a special plow type unloader was used for the physical verification of a special belt scale. The coal passing through the belt scale was completely unloaded into the car under the corridor without any leakage or spillage. After loading, it was pulled onto the floor chart of Toledo for weight calculation, and the measurement value was transmitted and verified. The successful completion of the 0.2 level calibration in this project also provides a low-cost, economical, and reliable calibration plan for sites that require physical calibration without physical calibration devices.