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0.2 level high-precision belt scale technology breakthrough

Time:1/25/2024  From:EACCOR Electric

1. The 0.2 level high-precision belt scale belt deviates and the material flow changes, causing the sensor to be affected by horizontal lateral force and material bias load, resulting infinal output accuracy error. The weight signal collection of traditional belt weighers usually involves 1-4 sensors or 2-4 sets of rollers. Such a short measurement distance cannot effectively reflect the operating status of the belt and cannot accurately measure the weight of materials. It is also impossible to compare multiple sets of data and correct mathematical models. And our matrix belt scale has eight to sixteen modular scales that can be mutually verified and redundant. The matrix modular scales can all use electric automatic code hanging verification without the need for manual labor. Modular scales can be used in sequence intervals, and combined with group control intelligent weighing instruments, they are divided into two sets of scales within the system. Among the eight to sixteen modular scales, n/2+1 groups (with high serial numbers) are equipped with electric takeoff and landing devices to achieve online verification of dual scales within the system, automatic correction of system accuracy, self judgment of accuracy status, and self correction.

2. Every sensor of ECO Electric needs to undergo strict testing and data compensation. This solves the problem of sensitivity drift of traditional resistance strain type weighing sensors with changes in environmental temperature.

3. The upper mounted real speed measurement directly measures the belt speed in the weighing section, solving the speed measurement error caused by belt slipping.

4. The automatic code hanging verification device is installed on the main scale body of the electronic belt scale, with a proprietary structure that meets the simulation of the gravity state of the transported material. It automatically completes the full state verification of the belt scale, using the SEQ-AI intelligent algorithm and matrix control tracking and review technology. It automatically completes monitoring, verification and correction during operation and use. Effectively solved the poor stability caused by belt effect.