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Core features of high - precision bidirectional metering matrix scale for bucket wheel stacker reclaimer

Time:1/21/2024  From:EACCOR

The variable angle matrix scale is a mobile belt scale developed on the basis of the matrix belt scale, which is installed on variable angle equipment such as stackers and reclaimers or mobile docks. The mobile belt scale adopts the "three-dimensional motion tracking compensation technology" and has a weighing accuracy of better than 0.2% in any inclination angle and direction from -18 ° to+18 °, and maintains a weighing accuracy of better than 0.4% in long-term use.

High precision attitude tracking system
High precision tracking and detection of three-dimensional posture changes in the weighing unit during movement, and compensation and correction of the impact of posture changes on weighing, ensuring accurate weighing of the belt scale in various motion states.

Sensor precise compensation technology
It can overcome the impact of temperature changes in the outdoor environment of the sensor and the impact of sensor zero point imbalance output. Independent temperature compensation is used to compensate for the environmental temperature variables of the entire conveyor, ensuring high accuracy even when temperatures cannot be reached.

Overcoming the influence of belt tension
The influence of belt tension is basically eliminated, and there is no requirement for symmetrical rollers, and there is no accumulation of empty belts.

Bidirectional calibration system
The operation of the conveyor in both stacking and reclaiming directions is essentially two different conveyors. The world of variable angle matrix scales has unique bidirectional calibration, fully integrating in two weighing environments in both stacking and retrieval directions, just like two scales running.

Low flow compensation system
Large flow fluctuation is the working feature of the bucket wheel stacker reclaimer at the ore terminal. Different ore densities vary greatly, and the bucket wheel itself changes in real time during the moving reclaiming process, which results in the actual situation that the flow of the same ore varies from high to low, and different ores work at different rated flows. In the production control of ore terminals, there is a practical need for stable and accurate measurement under various working conditions. To ensure accuracy in complex working conditions, especially during low flow operation, the variable angle matrix scale intelligent instrument implements low flow data verification and automatic compensation technology. In low flow operation, the sampling frequency of high-precision weighing sensors is increased and intelligent compensation is achieved, achieving high accuracy in low flow operation. The matrix scale itself is particularly suitable for measuring bulk materials with large fluctuations in flow rate.