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The measurement accuracy of high-precision belt weighers is related to the environment

Time:1/16/2024  From:EACCOR

The high-precision belt scale weighing bridge is installed on the conveyor frame. When the material passes by, the measuring roller detects the weight of the material on the belt conveyor and acts on the weighing sensor through a lever, generating a voltage signal proportional to the belt load. The speed sensor is directly connected to the large diameter speed measuring drum and provides a series of pulses, each representing a belt movement unit. The frequency of the pulses is proportional to the belt speed. Below, we will explain that the measurement accuracy of high-precision belt scales is related to the environment.

1. When installing high-precision belt scales, the lower part of the scale frame should be a conveyor frame with a stable support frame and reinforced.
2. When installing high-precision belt scale equipment, it should be kept away from wind, rain, and sun exposure to reduce the degree of damage to the equipment caused by the external environment.

3. The motor of the high-precision belt scale must be installed on the same platform as the main body of the electronic belt scale. It is strictly prohibited to use independent mounting brackets for the driving motor. During installation, it should be ensured that the driving motor and the driving drum transmission shaft of the electronic belt scale maintain good coaxiality.

4. When installing high-precision belt scales, it is required that they should not have any relationship with the main belt. During installation, independent installation brackets or platforms should be used, and the installation brackets or platforms must be stable and horizontal.

5. When installing high-precision belt scales, they should be kept away from places with seismic sources, corrosive gases, strong magnetic fields, and interference from large motor equipment.