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Space requirements for installing high-precision belt scales

Time:1/12/2024  From:EACCOR

When installing high-precision belt scales, the following spatial position requirements should be met:

1. The longitudinal center of the high-precision belt scale receiving section should coincide with the centerline of the material flow in the material bin. The natural accumulation of the material flow should be evenly distributed on both sides of the high-precision belt scale receiving section centerline, and a distance of 5cm should be maintained from the front and rear edges of the receiving section according to the direction of the material flow. The height of the material flow accumulation should not be excessive.

2. When using the disc feeding method, the discharge drop of the disc shall not exceed 200mm, and the disc shall not come into contact with any part of the weighing body. When high-precision belt scales do not use receiving equipment, a simple receiving chute should be made on site (the chute should not come into contact with the belt scale during installation). When feeding the disc, it is required that the material flow be concentrated, and the cross-section of the material flow along the feeding direction of the belt scale should not be greater than 200mm. The natural stacking front of the material flow on the high-precision belt scale should be kept 5cm away from the front of the receiving section.

3. When using a drag type feeding method, the feeding nozzle should not come into contact with the belt, and the distance between the lower end and the belt should be kept at 5mm or 2-3 times the normal material diameter. At the same time, the distance between the edge of the naturally accumulated material and both sides of the belt edge is less than 3cm. When using skirt belt, the intersection line of the naturally accumulated material slope and the skirt edge should be at least 1cm lower than the upper edge of the skirt edge.

4. The height below the high-precision belt scale from the main belt shall not be less than 300mm, and a feeding chute shall be installed to ensure that the material flow is evenly distributed at the center of the main belt.

5. The installation of high-precision belt scales is suitable for reserving appropriate repair and maintenance space for later operations.